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Constance Henley-Solomon posted a status
"Would you like psychic advice tonight? Call 1-888-454-2751 and talk to professional psychics world wide for free!"
Hayley Anders is now friends with Edward, Svea Igleheart, Tanya and 5 more
May 17
Johnnie Johnson replied to SharelleToomey's discussion (Free) Dark Energy Removal
"yes I have been feeling outta balance for a few months now,,,, yes my stomach is always flipping,,, and have noticed alot of mucus in my systems,,,, I know the body creates mucus because of inflammation .... thank you for your generous…"
May 15
SharelleToomey replied to SharelleToomey's discussion One Question Readings
"Miranda, you tend to be attracted to people who are unobtainable and aloof. This is your way of protecting yourself but, as an approach to love, it is damaging. You need to take a good long look at what you can have because, with your charming and…"
May 15
Amanda and Joshua Mintz are now friends
May 14
miranda replied to SharelleToomey's discussion One Question Readings
"hi sharelle I hope you dont mind me asking a question, since I already asked for the removal, but I would like to ask about my love life, I have been alone for a really long time and I would like to know if that is gonna change  (feel free to…"
May 13
miranda and sandra are now friends
May 13
miranda replied to SharelleToomey's discussion (Free) Dark Energy Removal
"yes, I dont have  money issues yet but i am not currently working and still have bills to pay... I do think a lot, my mind never stops... and also, I have other issues going on... thank you so for the removal!!! "
May 13

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Make the most of Venus in your birth sign to remind those you care for that whatever they do is all right by you. Let them know too that you intend to make them feel good about themselves, about you and about life in general.


You may feel as if you have lost your way a bit of late but there is no need to change direction. From Wednesday onwards things will start to look a bit clearer, although it is still your responsibility to keep your eyes open.


It does not matter how simple the questions you ask of colleagues and employers today it's unlikely you will get a simple answer. That does not necessarily mean they are trying to deceive you but you must be on your guard, just in case.


Do you have the confidence and the know-how to step in and take control of a difficult situation? If so, by all means get involved. If not, stand back and let someone else take the leadership role. It does not have to be you every time.


Let others know what is on your mind by all means but don't say it in a way that might antagonize those you live and work with. Sometimes it is better to approach the truth from an angle rather than confront it head-on.


Take it slow and easy as the new week begins. Things will generally go well for you but they will go even better if you make it a priority to patch up your differences with someone you work with. Laugh with each other, not at each other.

Birthday Monday

Looking back over the past 12 months you may think you have not made much progress but you have. In fact you have been putting in place solid foundations on which you can now build something worthwhile - something that will last.


There is an art to relaxation and it is an art you will need to master over the next few days. There may be a dozen things you would like to be doing now but there is only one thing you must do - be kind to yourself.


If you get the chance to travel today you should take it, because later in the week your movements are likely to be restricted. You don't need an excuse to wander around a new neighborhood - you are free to come and go as you please.


You seem to be in a friendly and forgiving mood at the moment, which is good, but there is a danger you could get friendly with someone you need to be wary of. Mercury retrograde warns you must look out for your own interests first.

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1 wanting to know..so many: things

wanting to know..so many: things

Posted by sandra on April 8, 2015

2 (Free) Dark Energy Removal

(Free) Dark Energy Removal

Posted by SharelleToomey on December 9, 2012

3 One Question Readings

One Question Readings

Posted by SharelleToomey on October 29, 2013




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